September begins…

So this month has a selection of eclectic titles I had read a while ago, but thanks to technology and my crazy habit of hoarding notebooks, I was able to locate the reviews I had written for them!! I hope you all find something worthy in the selection I have for this month. 

I will also be giving a few more suggestions for alternate titles with some of the posts I put up. There are so many cool and awesome books written out there for tweens on all sorts of subjects and genres. The titles I recommend will be ones I have read myself but the review is still lost in the deep vaults of my notebooks. If you are truly interested in them, you can then follow it up on GoodReads or Amazon and check it out.

Have fun this month!!

Miss Mahee


My first post

Well, here it is!! My very first blog post on my very own blog!!

I had wanted a space to write reviews of the many books I’ve been reading in my own style for a while and after months of hard work, here it is!!

I’m Miss Mahee, a librarian by day, closet binge-reader, artsy-scrapbooker, and now, writer by night!!

In this brand new blog I will be writing up book reviews, mostly, on the many varied and wonderful ‘tween’ reads that I’ve found interesting, exciting and challenging. Every now and then I will try to write-up reviews on adult and teen titles that have caught my fancy.

A quiet note readers, I’m not one to write too critical a review; I’m a reader of books that deliver a positive and inspiring message.

So readers, welcome to Miss Mahee’s Library of Reads!!

Please feel free to leave any comments as I look forward to hearing your thoughts too.

See you around!

Miss Mahee