Greetings from another bookish February

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Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a good start to the year. This month I will be featuring more bookish posts for the inner bibliophile among you all. So, why don’t you get yourself something to drink, maybe a snack or two and settle down to read these posts…

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Fairy tales, fantasy, and teens

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Booklists for you

Hi everyone, this last week’s booklist post will feature a short-ish list of titles of teen reads for your reading pleasure. To be honest, teen fantasy and I are somewhat akin to strangers as I tend to favour the contemporary novels instead. Reading these titles were a bit challenging for me but there were aspects that I found myself enjoying. 

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Fairy tales and graphic novels

Hi everyone, this week’s post is about a series of graphic novels I found. Now, I know there are versions of fairy tales made into graphic novels that have become some form of manga that are irresistible to tween and teen readers. This particular series caught my eye in 2020 and I may have given a short review then. In this post I will be giving you a longer review as the series had some quirky drawings and also because the adventures centre around one specific character. To find out you’ll have to press the button below…

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A short booklist of Scandinavian folklore

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Booklists for you

Hi everyone, welcome to another week of epic fantasy and high drama. In this week’s post I’ll be giving you and your tween a selection of titles that have a distinct Scandinavian flavour to them. So, if you were looking forward to this post, then why not go ahead and press the button…

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Classic fairy tales vs. re-told tales

Hi everyone, welcome to this week’s discussion post. Having read quite a number of fairy tales over my years I recently found that there are those catalogued as re-told fairy tales or with the label ‘fractured’ or ‘adapted’ along with them. So I thought, why not read a few and see how they compare with the originals, well, the ones I remember anyway…

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Let’s enjoy a blended fairy tale series!

Hi everyone, welcome to this first week of January!! I hope you all had a fun-filled weekend of New Year festivities. My parents and I had a somewhat quiet one exploring a nearby garden and sculpture trail. This first week’s post is actually about a series of fantasy books I enjoyed a few years ago and maybe even blogged about a little. Well, there’s only one way to find out for sure, you need to click on the button below…

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Once upon a time a New Year began…

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Hi and welcome friends to January 2023!! This month my brother and I celebrate another birthday together and become ever so slightly older!! Summer has finally arrived in full swing and has brought hope for a pleasurable New Year. This month’s theme favours those of you who enjoy fantasy reads. To find out more you will have to press the button below…

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Hope in the mail by Wendelin Van Draanen

Hi everyone, I hope you all are enjoying the festive season and the holidays. This last week of the year has felt so rushed. I hope you all manage to get some downtime and have a moment to reflect on all you have achieved. When it comes to achievements, I used to think that if I hadn’t written anything original of my own then my writing goals haven’t been met. But I changed my thought process after I decided to read as much as I could on writing while I flex those specific muscles, literally. So, this last week I’ll leave you with a teen book on writing to get you started if you need a little something…

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Walking with Plato by Gary Hayden

Hi everyone, the summer is finally here in New Zealand! The days are nice and sunny with a few spells of rain every now and then. My new house overlooks onto a walking path that stretches beyond the train station and takes amblers towards the main town or the big park on the other side. With this in mind I thought I’d share a travelogue I encountered which got me interested in philosophy in general. See what you think…

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Paper things by Jennifer Richard Jacobsen

Hi everyone, I hope you are counting down the sleeps towards Christmas like my two nieces. There’s always something unexpected under their tree for them. This week’s review post is a small story I found quite by chance. Unlike the majority of us the tweens in this read have struggles I found hard to fathom. 

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