Mira Levenson series by Sita Brahmachari

Hi everyone, this first week’s post features a series of three books I found by chance while looking for something else. One of the reasons I truly enjoyed this trio of books was not just the stunning writing by Sita Brahmachari, but the family she focuses on. If you enjoy a family story like me, then read on!!

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Friendships for February

Hello everyone to the short month of February!! I now write you from a different postcode. Yes, over the lovely summer month of January, my family and I moved house. It fits everyone’s needs until the next awaited adventure!!

For this month the titles selected have ‘friendships’ as their main theme. And not just any friendship, those that we make with four-legged animals!! Continue reading “Friendships for February”

Happy New Year

Welcome to this glorious new year ahead!! 2019 looks like it might turn out to be a promising one!! I’d like to take this moment and thank those who have chosen to follow my blog! It means so much to know that the words I write reaches to you and guides you in your reading choices.

Summer is still beating down on us here in New Zealand, so I thought I would continue with the theme of summer this month. Some of the titles featured this month are ones I had read a few years ago and enjoyed. Although many of the American authors feature summer camps and such, these ones that I enjoyed had an extra element to them.

So, sit back and enjoy these January summer reads!!

Miss Mahee

We will remember this November

Hello and welcome to November!!

Most places around the world will be welcoming autumn or fall but down here in New Zealand we welcome spring weather. The titles for this month are not season-related though. Instead I will be featuring tween titles that centre on World War One or the ‘Great War,’ as it was called back then. Continue reading “We will remember this November”

September begins…

So this month has a selection of eclectic titles I had read a while ago, but thanks to technology and my crazy habit of hoarding notebooks, I was able to locate the reviews I had written for them!! I hope you all find something worthy in the selection I have for this month. 

I will also be giving a few more suggestions for alternate titles with some of the posts I put up. There are so many cool and awesome books written out there for tweens on all sorts of subjects and genres. The titles I recommend will be ones I have read myself but the review is still lost in the deep vaults of my notebooks. If you are truly interested in them, you can then follow it up on GoodReads or Amazon and check it out.

Have fun this month!!

Miss Mahee


My first post

Well, here it is!! My very first blog post on my very own blog!!

I had wanted a space to write reviews of the many books I’ve been reading in my own style for a while and after months of hard work, here it is!!

I’m Miss Mahee, a librarian by day, closet binge-reader, artsy-scrapbooker, and now, writer by night!!

In this brand new blog I will be writing up book reviews, mostly, on the many varied and wonderful ‘tween’ reads that I’ve found interesting, exciting and challenging. Every now and then I will try to write-up reviews on adult and teen titles that have caught my fancy.

A quiet note readers, I’m not one to write too critical a review; I’m a reader of books that deliver a positive and inspiring message.

So readers, welcome to Miss Mahee’s Library of Reads!!

Please feel free to leave any comments as I look forward to hearing your thoughts too.

See you around!

Miss Mahee