About me

Hi there,

My actual name is Surani Maheeka Ramachandra. I grew up in the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka but now call New Zealand home. My passion for reading started at a very young age and the work I do as a librarian nurtured and enriched it further. Over the last 10 plus years of service in Auckland Libraries I have read quite a lot of books!! (Not an entire library’s worth though!!) In the last few years or so my interests took a right turn and veered into Children’s books where I discovered the now popular ‘Middle Grade’ or ‘Tween’ fiction genre.

In this blog I plan to feature book reviews on ‘tween’ reads I have enjoyed along with some young adult and adult titles thrown in occasionally. My book reviews will give you my personal thoughts and views on the books I’ve read. I’m not exactly a critical thinker; I’m an avid reader!! Given the chance I could go for hours just reading, forgetting to put out laundry, brush my teeth, and even eat!!

So fellow readers, once I’ve got some posts under my belt, I’d love to hear from you!!