How to judge books based on their first chapter

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Bookish advice

Hi everyone, welcome to this year’s first bookish advice post. In this post I’ll be inviting you to a somewhat controversial topic among us librarians: judging books! If I recall, I’ve spent a post explaining how I judge on the covers, well, this post will elaborate how I judge based on their first chapters as well. So, if you want to find out what this librarian is going on about, you’re going to have to press the button below…

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My Favourite “Last” Lines

Hi everyone, I hope this month has been treating you well. It’s been a bit busy at work with many events and changes. This week is a personal post that is a little bit out of the ordinary. I had planned some time ago to share my favourite quotes but I realised there are many blogs out there with such content, so I decided to share my top seven ‘last’ quotes instead. For a bit more of an explanation click the button below… 

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My favourite contemporary sister-brother stories!

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Booklists for you

Hello and welcome to 2022!! My first proper post is a book list with a few of my favourite sibling reads featuring an older sister and younger brother. These books will hopefully transport you to the lives of some very special characters. I hope you and your tween enjoy the selection I have set out for you below. Enjoy your reading!!

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