My first post

Well, here it is!! My very first blog post on my very own blog!!

I had wanted a space to write reviews of the many books I’ve been reading in my own style for a while and after months of hard work, here it is!!

I’m Miss Mahee, a librarian by day, closet binge-reader, artsy-scrapbooker, and now, writer by night!!

In this brand new blog I will be writing up book reviews, mostly, on the many varied and wonderful ‘tween’ reads that I’ve found interesting, exciting and challenging. Every now and then I will try to write-up reviews on adult and teen titles that have caught my fancy.

A quiet note readers, I’m not one to write too critical a review; I’m a reader of books that deliver a positive and inspiring message.

So readers, welcome to Miss Mahee’s Library of Reads!!

Please feel free to leave any comments as I look forward to hearing your thoughts too.

See you around!

Miss Mahee



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