One dog and his boy by Eva Ibbotson

Hi there,  So today I continue with another ‘tween’ read that I enjoyed very much. I read this a few years ago and since I fell in love with Eva Ibbotson’s writing, went back and read all of her older novels too. This particular title spoke to me as it represented not just a friendship; but one between a young boy and his special friend!! Hope you like it!! 

Book cover with a dog looking up
Tween read about friendship

Title: One dog and his boy

Author: Eva Ibbotson

Illustrator: Sharon Rentta

Genre: Fiction – contemporary

Publication details: Marion Lloyd Books; London, 2011

ISBN: 9781407125230

What this book is aboutLonely ten-year-old Hal had always wanted a dog. On the morning of his birthday, his parents allow him to choose a puppy at Easy Pets, a rent-a-pet agency (a fact his parents keep from him). But the moment he sees the odd-looking terrier, he knows he’s found a friend for life. When he wakes on Monday morning, his dog Fleck is gone, and Hal undertakes the journey of his life to be with his dog. And so, teamed up with an unlikely friend and a group of runaway dogs, Hal and Fleck journey up north to his grandparents’ home by the sea.

My reviewA wonderful story by award-winning author Eva Ibbotson!! This wasn’t my first time reading her novels though, her other ones will come later on the blog. This book however I found quirky, entertaining and lively in equal parts!! I may not be a huge fan of dogs in general but I always find myself falling in love with dogs in books and was instantly captivated by Fleck just as Hal was. The supporting cast of characters also bring so much vibrancy to this story and I always find myself laughing and crying at the crazy things that happened in this story. I think both boys and girls will fall in love with this book in equal measure. There’s something there for everyone.

My rating: 5 ⭐

Some important things I need to say about this book include the raft of awards and prizes it has won. One dog and his boy has won the awards mentioned below:

Independent Bookseller’s Book Prize, USBBY Outstanding International Book, Bank Street CBC Children’s Book of the Year, Carnegie Medal Shortlist 2012, New Hampshire Great Stone Face Award Nominee, and  made it on to the Doncaster Book Award Shortlist

This book was Eva Ibbotson’s final novel; she passed away in 2010. She will be greatly missed.


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