A Song for Bijou by Josh Farrar

Hi there, this week I’ve chosen a slightly different title to showcase. It grabbed me for its simple cover design and lovely story. Basically it’s about a boy who meets a girl, and what happens afterwards. Have a read of this delightful, heart-warming story!!

A Song for Bijou boy and girl looking at each other on street corner
Lovely tween read

Title: A song for Bijou

Author: Josh Farrar

Publication details: Walker Books for Young Readers; NY; 2013

ISBN: 9780802733948

What this book is aboutSeventh-grader Alex Schrader’s life changes when he meets Bijou Doucet, a Haitian girl recently relocated to Brooklyn after the earthquake. He is determined to win her heart and finds out the hard way that there are rules when it comes to girls – both in Haitian culture and with his own friends. And Bijou also learns that she doesn’t have to let go of her roots to find joy in her new life. This story follows on the life of two seventh graders and maps uncharted waters of their intertwining lives. It will take the help of great friends and a grand plan to make Bijou see that her interest in Alex doesn’t have to be a betrayal of all that she lost.

My reviewA beautiful story of first love and friendship!! Josh Farrar tells a wonderful story about love in middle school in this story.  I really liked this book! The story of young love, friendship and loyalty, is prominent here. Josh Farrar draws an intimate portrait of Haitian culture and music and intertwines it with the challenges faced with kids growing up in Brooklyn, New York. A great read for tweens and adults alike!!

My rating: 5 ⭐

I must add a small note here. I don’t usually read many love stories when it comes to tween fiction unless one accidentally falls into my lap like this one did! A few select elements in the clever story line and hilarious characters that are cast, gave this book the attraction for me to read it. I hope it gives you a similar experience!!


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