We will remember this November

Hello and welcome to November!!

Most places around the world will be welcoming autumn or fall but down here in New Zealand we welcome spring weather. The titles for this month are not season-related though. Instead I will be featuring tween titles that centre on World War One or the ‘Great War,’ as it was called back then.

I won’t give you a history lesson here but with my selection of titles I aim to honour the sacrifices made by the New Zealand and Australian soldiers and their families all those years ago. I am a  strong believer of the power of the written word. It is through stories, either written down or shared together, that we learn from our past to live into our future.

From 2014 to 2018, New Zealand has had many events to remember the soldiers of World War 1. I was lucky enough to visit Wellington in 2015 where I saw the “Gallipoli: the scale of our war”” exhibit they had in Te Papa, the national museum. It was mind-blowing in all it’s detail and scale. My family and I left Wellington with more respect and humility than we had come with to this country. After that trip, I decided I wanted to learn more about it all so I did some extensive research on the centenary celebrations that New Zealand had and the website www.100.govt.nz was an invaluable resource for me. If you want to check it out and live in New Zealand, please go see the places mentioned there. They truly are inspiring and humbling.

The selection of books this month will take you from the battlefields of Europe, Africa and Asia, and show how families left behind survived. I hope you find like me, not just heartwarming stories, but learn more of what life was like back then.

Miss Mahee

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