Enjoy the holidays this December!

Hi all, for those in the northern hemisphere, I hope you all have a safe and happy winter this December! Down here, below the roaring 40’s, in New Zealand, we will be bracing ourselves for another El Nino summer!! In other words, very hot!!

Big trees inside park walkway and bench cars and people in back
Paihia in summer

Christmas is usually celebrated by most with a visit to the beach, catching some rays, playing ball with friends, and eating as much as they can in between!! My family sometimes visit the beach on Christmas day but mostly just relax at home, unwrapping presents and eating as much as possible!! Food consumption tends to dominate most of our social gatherings rather than other forms of activity such as walking, swimming, climbing, etc.

For my posts this December I will be starting it off with a few Christmas stories but the rest will be mostly summer stories. I hope everyone has a great holiday season with their loved ones this year, whatever the weather is outdoors!!

Miss Mahee

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