The Wilderness War by Julia Green

Hello everyone, this second week’s book review is about a story set in an English summer, and tells of one boy’s fight for his patch of the wild. I found this book quite by accident and was quite glad I read it. I hope you all enjoy it too.

The wilderness war camping icons on grass
Summer adventures

Title: The Wilderness War

Author: Julia Green

Publication details: Oxford University Press; 2016

ISBN: 978019274657

What this book is about: Noah and his friends spend their summers outdoors in a special patch of woodland they’ve called ‘The Wilderness.’ It is the perfect place for building dens, making fires, and camping out all night. It’s the only place where Noah and his friends feel truly safe. Then the sign appears – LAND FOR SALE. Doesn’t anyone care about the wildlife and the trees? One thing is for sure – Noah and his friends are not giving up on the Wilderness without a fight. “It’s us against them. From now on, this is all-out WAR.”

My review: A lovely heartwarming story about friendship, the importance of the wild, imaginative play, and most importantly, standing up for what you love. I enjoyed reading this from the start to the end. You get to go on the night watches with Noah and his friends and even laugh at the antics they get up to. I like how even the grown-ups in the story, the parents that is, help out the kids to fight for their patch of the wilderness. A great read, especially for those who love nature and the beauty of the natural world!! Some great writing here along with a great story. Julia Green has also included some cool activities.

My rating: 4 ⭐

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