Reflections this April

Hi everyone, April has arrived, and so has autumn. April takes many meanings for me; not just the change in season, but we celebrate our Sri Lankan New Year which sometimes falls during the middle of the month. Here in New Zealand, we look forward to Easter and ANZAC Day which sometimes bookend the school holidays. I know, it’s quite a lot of holidays!! For me, I enjoy taking a short break and reflecting. So, from the many titles that I have read I have chosen to post those that fall into the historical category.

If this is your favourite genre too, then you are in for a treat. Most of these titles feature young girls from all walks of life who have encountered many challenges and mysteries, and describe how they chose to overcome them or find a solution to the problems at hand. If this has caught your interest then this month was meant for you! So, sit back, have a warm drink by your side, and enjoy the reads from this coming month!

Miss Mahee

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