The next Jake Atlas story

Hi everyone, the latest Jake Atlas book finally came within my grasp and boy did it deliver!! Here is my review of this third installment of Rob Lloyd Jones’ thrilling adventure series!!

Jake Atlas & the quest for the crystal mountain boy and girl on snowy mountain temple helicopter and snow buggy behind
Adventure sibling read

Title: Jake Atlas and the Quest for the Crystal Mountain

Author: Rob Lloyd Jones

Genre: Fiction – contemporary

Publication details: Walker Books; London, 2019

ISBN: 9781406385007

What this book is about: Jake Atlas and his family may finally be close to discovering the secret history of humankind. Their quest takes them to Beijing and Tibet, then finally to the sacred Crystal Mountain. But a mysterious savage creature guards the mountain, where untold dangers await. As evil forces close in, this quest will push Jake harder than ever before. 

My review: Wow!! The action-packed third thrilling adventure featuring the treasure-hunting Atlas family. This time the family start together from China, cross over to Tibet where they are separated. Jake has to endure his journey up the mountains with a young Buddhist monk to complete the quest. For me, this was more exhilarating than the other two. I ended up finishing it in under a day!! Action-packed adventure, snow-filled chase scenes and family dramas filled this read from beginning to end. I guess one of the reasons why this series appeals to me is because of the whole family dynamics in the story. Loved this story!!

My rating: 5 ⭐

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