Special heroes this September

Hello all to the spring month of September! 

This month’s posts feature books about young heroes. Not your typical comic book superheroes or those who save the world from mythical monsters or evil secret societies. These are young kids who have overcome some sort of illness, medical condition, or are living with a form of disability. I chose this topic for an extremely personal reason this month. 

Quite recently, my father was hospitalised and gave our family quite a scare. Despite the myriad of tests and medications he was put on; my father pulled through. He still has a way to go with continuous treatments but he’s beat the odds. To me he will always be a hero for pulling through each time he has had to stay in an unfamiliar sterile hospital room. It was during one of those nights when I stayed up with him as he hobbled to the bathroom that I realised I needed to showcase the younger heroes who brave the cold hospital rooms like my father. The titles selected this month will have characters facing conditions varying from autism, cerebral palsy, and a brain-tumour survivor. Included this month is a memoir featuring an adult with Tourette’s syndrome. I hope these reads leave you with the same impression it left on me and inspires you to understand what these young heroes endure and the strength they show.

Miss Mahee

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