Family History for this November

Hi everyone, welcome to the month of November!! This month I plan on featuring historical stories about families. I know, I’ve already done historical stories last November, but this selection of stories have an extra element to it. They all feature a group of young girls and the legacies they create for the generations to come. 

For me, my family’s history ties in with my culture and heritage from Sri Lanka. It forms a rich tableau of two very distinct family groups combining. From my paternal grandparents I believe I have about one hundred odd relatives all over the globe; some I have never met!! The other side, not that much, but equally unknown!! 

The selection of reads for you this month features strong female characters and the challenges they have faced as they grow into young women and even older. You will find a few interesting series of titles this month which are best read in sequence. The last post has a dual purpose; it features a series of books by an Australian children’s authors who I have come to admire over the years and the saga surrounding one particular family. I hope you enjoy reading these titles as I did compiling them!

Enjoy your reading!

Miss Mahee

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