Celebrating diversity this February

Hello everyone, let’s herald February together with a resounding welcome to diversity!! In this new era with growing diversity in our communities, it’s only right that our young readers are able to see themselves portrayed in the books that they read. My focus this month is on titles with young boys and girls from diverse ethnicities. Adventure reads, school stories, historical stories and even the odd fantasy tale awaits to delight you this month!!

hands touching three colours white, brown, and black underneath map of world
Diversity rules

Ever since I started reading these titles I couldn’t be anything but proud of my own background. I enjoyed these stories so much that I had to go check out what else was out there. Just to let you know, there’s quite a lot!! I will be featuring only some of the titles I have come across in my reading travels. This growing trend of diverse fiction for young readers can be found at #OwnVoices and the now popular #DiverseKidlit. I believe that many other writers are beginning to write similar stories and we can learn so much of the cultures and histories that make up our amazing world. 

In saying all this I actually wanted to let you know that I will be sharing a little bit about my own ethnic background this month in a small extra post later. For now, I hope you all enjoy the reviews for this month.  If anyone has read anything similar, please send me your suggestions so I can check them out. 

Miss Mahee

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