Travis Delaney Investigates series by Kevin Brooks

Hi everyone, I hope you are all enjoying this adventure into the world of mystery reads!! This week’s post is about a young boy detective and the crazy adventures he finds himself in. If you enjoy reading stories in more than one installment, look no further, and delve into these books!!

Titles: The ultimate truth, The danger game, The snake trap

Author: Kevin Brooks

Genre: Fiction – contemporary

Publication details: Macmillan Children’s Books; London, 2014 & 2015

What these books are about: Travis Delaney’s parents have been killed in a car crash. To distract himself from his grief, he goes to the private investigation agency they ran and begins asking questions about their last case. The Ultimate Truth sees Travis plunged into a mystery over a missing boy whose parents insist isn’t missing. As he delves deeper into this investigation he finds himself being of interest to a secret organisation known as Omega. In The Danger Game Travis and his granddad have taken over the private investigation firm of Delaney & Co, and things are finally looking up. But when their coworker Courtney is attacked, Travis’s investigations finds him tangled in a web of gang warfare, dirty police and secret organisations. In The Snake Trap young Travis has escaped from a criminal overlord and is getting closer to solving the truth about his parents death. But as the truth emerges, Travis is faced with the ultimate dilemma: how do you choose between saving your own life or saving the life of someone you love? 

My review: A jam-packed, action-filled, adventure series that will have you gripped to every page! My heart went out to Travis, orphaned at thirteen but the sheer determination and perseverance despite everything to solve his parents last case is commendable. Kevin Brooks has written an awesome set of stories in the Travis Delaney Investigates series; filled with all the elements that make a great spy story: secret organisations, dirty cops, a little romance, and even some football thrown in!! Most of the boxing and football references in these books were a bit technical for me but I’m sure young boys after an action story would like them. I really liked all the characters here as I felt I was watching them on a teen version of a Bond film instead of reading them in a book!! An awesome set of reads for your tween-aged boy!!

My rating: 4½⭐

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