The Wolfe & Lamb Mysteries by Lauren St. John

Hello there, this week is meant for all you pet lovers out there!! I have you guessing what pets and mysteries have in common, haven’t I? Well, the pair of detectives/amateur sleuths in this series have a veritable zoo at their doorstep. So, grab something to drink and settle in for my review…

Title: Kat Wolfe investigates & Kat Wolfe takes the case

Author: Lauren St. John

Illustrated: Beidi Guo

Publication details: Macmillan Children’s Books; London, 2018 & 2019

What these books are about: Kat Wolfe and her veterinarian mother have moved from their London address to run a veterinary practice in the picturesque Dorset town of Bluebell Bay. In the first book young Kat and her friend, Harper Lamb, decide to investigate the disappearance of a parrot owner from his clifftop mansion. What begins as mystery-solving holiday fun quickly turns deadly for Wolfe and Lamb. The second book has our pet-sitting sleuths investigating a suspicious death that coincides with the exciting discovery of fossilized bones of a 200-million-year-old “dragon” dinosaur. Kat is also fending off accusations that her pet serval Tiny is attacking local animals along with all the other mysteries. Can Kat and Harper juggle more than one high-stakes mystery and find a way to save Kat’s pet’s life before it’s too late?

My review: An adorable and hilarious set of books!! Kat Wolfe is a tenacious and determined character that warms your heart and keeps you in giggles throughout. I loved the myriad of mysteries described here in these reads along with the supporting cast in her mum the vet-extraordinaire, the townsfolk at Bluebell Bay, her staunch grandfather and the collection of animals that she pet-sits and helps out!! Some lovely descriptions of the Dorset coast and countryside with lively and hilarious dialogue keep these stories moving. What I love the most about this adorable series is not just the friendship Kat has with Harper, nor the way she’s with animals, but the fact that the third member of their team is a former librarian in Edith!! Hilarious dialogue coupled with action-packed mystery make this an awesome read!! Also Lauren St John’s notes in the end about conservation and helping stop extinction of the wild species is very eye-opening. A great set of books for avid animal-lovers and mystery fans of all ages!!

My rating: 5 ⭐

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