What my new “normal” looks like inside lockdown

For those who are wondering what a typical day during the lockdown for me is like, well, this is the post you need to read. If you thought, I would have soooo much extra time to read books, review them and maybe blog about them, my dear friend, you are sadly mistaken. 

Things I do in my spare time is title at top. washed watercoloured background of pink and yellow. six small images. girl reading blue book with Read books next to it. girl in front of laptop with Research books. girl holding stack of books with Smell books. two hands holding money and book with Buy books. girl at table writing with Review books. hand putting green book on shelf with Rearrange books.
My hobby… according to some people

Since moving in with my family at the end of last year, there has never been a dull moment in my life. There are five adults and two small children occupying one and a half houses. I say half since my parents live in a semi-attached “granny flat” or minor dwelling next to the large two-floor house my brother and his family call home. I live in one of their spare rooms with space for the majority of my things, the rest reside in boxes!! Life since the move has been somewhat challenging, but in many ways very fulfilling, as I get to spend time with my nieces on a daily basis. 

All that has changed ever since New Zealand went into lockdown or quarantined since the last week of March. These days much of my time is spent helping with my two nieces and giving my ever-so-busy accountant sister-in-law some time to work from home (yes, my brother too!!). In between roles of babysitter, teacher-substitute, and on occasion, pest-control officer, I get a few hours a day to be a blogger, daughter, and librarian!! 

These last few weeks have been challenging  for everybody but I must say food-wise, we all tend to eat more and watch more TV than before. TV being whatever cartoons the girls are enjoying that day!! Since the government is allowing us to take walks for exercise, we have all been going for daily walks when the clouds have parted and given some sunshine! The lovely community we live in have joined the international trend and have been placing teddy bears in their windows so the little ones can go ‘hunting’ for bears while walking!! So far, my nieces have found quite a few of them. 

six grid box. top left black text on blue background A snapshot of our family "bubble." top right cookies with M&M's on top. middle left small girl painting on floor. next image of piles of clothes. bottom left elderly couple seated with cups of tea and funny masks. bottom right man with pram and small girl walking with other man behind. white car and cloudy sky.
Our family “bubble”

No two days are alike as there is always some kind of drama. With the kids of course, and grandparents!! What I can tell you is that we’re getting laundry and cleaning done daily along with fun evenings filled with either a movie or a game of charades with the kids. Weekends are slightly different as we all tackle some big project amidst playing random games and activities with the kids. 

Social distancing, flatten the curve, and mortality numbers seem to have infiltrated our vocabulary now. Each of us adults take turns in sharing some kind of data of some sort that they’ve found from around the world. The first few days I felt quite anxious and worried by it all, but since being outdoors and just playing with the kids, I’m just grateful for the little things in life. A warm cup of tea, the girls’ screams and giggles when I pretend to be a monster, a shared meal or just hanging out together in our ‘bubble’!! 

I know my situation is different to others out there, I do know that creating some kind of routine for yourself will be important in dealing with self-isolation. It is to me anyway. 

So friends, I hope we all persevere and stay safe during this uncertain period in time. As our fearless leader in New Zealand has said, “this…. a once in one hundred year event” has given us, I believe, an opportunity to hit the pause button on our lives and reflect. For my family, the fear of infection is quite daunting due to my father’s health and immunity issues. Thankfully, he has no intention of slowing down. His daily walks and deep breathing reminds us all to do so. Mum’s home remedies keep us protected. My brother’s jokes and my sister-in-law’s amazing food nourishes us. And the girls’ laughter uplifts us all. 

Hoping you all find joy in your everyday, stay safe, and keep on reading!!

Miss Mahee

Light grey background. image of pile of stones on top of each other in bottom right corner. quote on left titled Life is all about balance. You don't always need to be getting stuff done. Sometimes it's perfectly okay, and absolutely necessary, to shut down, kick back, and do nothing. Lori Deschene
Some inspiration

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