Five reasons why diary writing helps me

Hi friends, here in this extra post I hope to share and inspire you with the journey I have taken into the whole writing foray aided with my trusty diary. If you are keen to get stuck into writing yourself, the easiest way is to keep a diary or journal. Below I will list five ways my diary writing has helped me, with almost everything I’ve accomplished in my life so far. So for those who are interested in glimpsing another part of the crazy librarian/blogger/writer I am, keep going…

image in middle of spiral bound book open on blank page. pen above book on white table. blue background above and below. white writing below 5 reasons why diary writing helps me.
Writing rocks!

My diary helps me deal with my emotions

Yes, folks, I too get angry at times. The best way I’ve found to deal with the big emotions, is to write them down in my diary and just let it all out. The few times I’ve truly lost my temper with my family has resulted in some epic arguments and both my siblings would agree that it’s best to stay on my good side than my bad. When I write down my frustrations, I find myself reflecting on the situation; weighing out all the pros and cons, sometimes imagining how I could have better handled myself, and eventually resolving my anger and well…I find I have more energy for other things in my life. Let’s be honest, there’s more better things out there to experience rather than stay angry for hours!!

It’s a place to write down what I’ve seen and heard

Unfortunately, despite what my circle of colleagues think, I don’t know everything!! The only reason I remember things is because I write down what I see and hear in my diary!! There, the big secret is out!! I find that by writing down daily events along with the emotions I’ve felt during that time, I can remember things better. I guess I’m just one of those people!! It’s helped me keep track of what I’ve seen during holidays, projects for work, and even when I started this blog!! By keeping a track of my holidays especially, my diary helped me recount stories to the family when I come back!! 

Achieving goals is easier after I write it in my diary

For me, if I have a goal set in place, I find that outlining it in words in my diary first helps me break down the steps I need to take to get there. For example, take this blog I write. It’s been a few years in the making because I needed to find the courage first, then the hardware! Once these two fell into place, it was as if everything in the universe conspired to help me. Inspiration, encouragement and support did come from outside myself in the form of colleagues, friends and other bloggers I’d been following, but mostly I found I had it inside me all along!!

Gratitude flows freely once you write it down

When we think of gratitude sometimes we think of big things like health and happiness. For me, gratitude is in the little things. A smile, a cuddle from my little niece, or just someone holding a door open. I try to start my diary entries with at least one thing I’m grateful for. Whether it’s the good weather or just finding that perfect pair of socks!! Every little thing helps sometimes. By writing them down, I find I have a better appreciation for the day to follow and can spread more gratitude to others. 

My diary allows my creativity to grow

Ok, this is a bit far fetched, but my diary entries have led me to some brilliant ideas!! My blog for starters, scrapbooking projects, things for work, and even wardrobe choices!! I find when I list out things (and I love making lists) or do quick sketches, I think better!! I might as well confess now, I find I have separate books for collecting scrapbooking ideas, inspirational quotes etc. 

You might wonder what with all the technology we have now why I don’t use fancy apps to do this for me, well, the short answer is that I’m old-fashioned at heart!! And I love paper products!! 

pile of six notebooks on white blanket. background of light grey wall.
My diaries and notebooks

Well, I hope you found those reasons worth your while. For me, writing something down helps me process my thinking and clears my mind at times. Each of us is different and there are tons of cool ways to keep your thoughts and ideas stored. I’d love to hear any other ideas any of you have!! Stay safe everyone!!

Miss Mahee 

notebook on white surface. open out, grid lines inside. cursive writing on page 'Don't wish for it. Work for it' on one side. other side has numbers 28, 29 & 30 in circles.
Inspirational quote

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