A million ways home by Dianna Dorisi-Winget

Hi everyone, welcome to the first week of September. The title I selected for this week was one that reduced me to tears when I read it. Filled with heart, courage and ….well…you’re just going to have to continue and start reading the review to find out the rest!!

blue cover with words in red at bottom. 'A Million Ways Home' Dianna Dorisi Winget underneath. image of four suitcases in green, purple, red and yellow with girl seated cross-legged on top in jeans and purple top. head and shoulders cut out. large German Shepherd dog lying beside suitcases looking up.
An interesting read

Title: A million ways home

Author: Dianna Dorisi-Winget

Genre: Fiction – contemporary

Publication details: Scholastic Press; NY, 2014

ISBN: 9780543667067  (Hardcover)

What this book is about: Poppy Parker’s life has been turned upside down after her grandma (and guardian) ends up in the hospital. But as Poppy works on a plan to spring Grandma Beth out of the hospital something unexpected happens. She witnesses a horrible crime, and suddenly normal slips even further out of her reach. To keep Poppy safe, the budget-strapped police devise an unusual ‘witness protection program,’ where Poppy will stay with Detective Brannigan’s mom. It’s slightly unusual for Poppy at first but she settles in and makes friends with a misfit girl named Lizzie and Gunner, a beautiful German Shepherd with an uncertain future. But it’s still not home. So while she and Lizzie navigate a rocky friendship and plot to save Gunner, Poppy also tries to figure out a new plan to rescue Grandma Beth and get home, all while avoiding a dangerous criminal who might be looking for her. But what if things can never go back to the way they were?

My review: A superb and wonderfully written book!! I just love books like these. You know, the type where the young protagonist is faced with hard choices in life and how they overcome the obstacles in their path, all the while trying to grow up and be someone in their own way. Poppy’s character is a strong one and it’s sad that at such a young age to have gone through traumatic events like these in this book. Dianna Dorisi-Winget is an awesome writer. I look forward to reading more of her books. This one had most things that tweens look for: friendship, loyalty, fast-paced action that keeps the story moving, witty dialogue and a good amount of humour with a smidgen of sorrow added to the whole thing!! A great read for anyone!!

My rating: 5 ⭐

Additional notes: This title was the recipient of the William Allen White Children’s Book Award in 2017. 

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