Fantasy reads this November

Hi everyone, this November I will be taking you all on a magical journey into the realms of fantasy!! This is actually a genre that is slightly out of my comfort zone but there are some elements that appeal to me. For instance, fairy tales, mythical beasts, wait…I’ve done it again…you’ll just have to press the button to find out more…

Then there’s magic and fairies that captivate me!! Basically, when I was younger I would go looking for these types of books to escape from the world; but now that I know that there are many different genres out there that explain reality better, I tend to gravitate towards these. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the genre, I just read titles that appeal to my own unique interests instead. 

This month will feature a selection of the reads that I have enjoyed over the years. You’ll find contemporary stories blended with magic, Gothic fantasy and a delightful series of reads with our favourite fairy-tales retold!! I do hope you enjoy these reads and look forward to hearing of any other suggestions you might have. I promise you if you send me alternate suggestions I will most definitely try to find them and read them!!

Enjoy your reading and stay safe

Miss Mahee

black and blue background. middle of image has open book with pink hued pages. sparkles of white and pink surrounding dark grass under , behind and front of book. quote on top in white letters. quote reads 'Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. it's a way of understanding reality' by Lloyd Alexander.
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