If only by Adele Broadbent

Hi everyone, this week’s post is a read intended for teenagers; specifically those from New Zealand. However, if you have a tween or teen reader who’s interested in conservation and the welfare of marine animals, then this is a perfect read for them. Why not see if it’s a contender for their TBR lists…

cover image of sea and sky in top half. large whale jumping out from middle. birds flying in sky. under blue sea image of girl with dark hair holding finger to lips. large letters in white above her reads If Only and smaller letters Adele Broadbent.
An intriguing teen read!

Title: If only

Author: Adele Broadbent

Genre: Fiction – contemporary

Publication details: One Tree House Ltd, NZ, 2020

ISBN: 9780995117532  (Paperback)

What this book is about: Kayla hadn’t broken rules before. Her first time turned out to be a disaster and she knew it. This is a tale of love and friendship, both human and animal. The love of an auntie, a friend, a boy, and the love of whales that brings them all together. Or could that bond drive everything Kayla holds dear away from her life forever?

My review: A lovely and somewhat gentle read on friendship, love and loyalty. Based in New Zealand, this teen tale follows young Kayla as she traverses the stormy seas of friendship amidst the dramas of high school, first love and a curiosity on the life of whales. This was an awesome read as it described Kayla’s inner turmoil along with her hopes and fears expertly in Adele’s signature style. The relationships and the interactions with the whales are a joy to read. You find yourself transported to those beaches alongside young Kayla. I enjoyed this story despite some of the darker themes that emerged as the story unravelled. A great read for teens who like animal stories and those of conservation!! 

My rating: 4 ⭐

Additional notes: This book was written by Adele Broadbent in support of the work done by Project Jonah NZ, an amazing charity that assists in the rescue and welfare of marine animals in New Zealand.

I must add that I was given this book by my manager just before March this year when New Zealand went into their first lockdown and I’m grateful I had this read to tide me through a part of those days!! 

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