More graphic reads for girls

Hello all, I hope you enjoyed this week’s post about the adventures young Sunny got up to. This extra post features a few similar graphic reads about some smart, funny, and brave girls. I hope you enjoy these titles…a few have even won awards!!

four-grid box with images. top left group of four girls with arms around each other standing in front of striped back. title reads The Baby-Sitters Club above. bottom left blue background with yellow smiling face with braces along wide white teeth. title Smile along bottom in white letters. bottom right yellow background with image of girl in roller skates and gear flying in front of white star. blue letters above read Roller Girl. top right blue background with read box. white letters read More Graphic Reads for Girls.
Graphics galore…

To begin with I must say this, these kinds of graphic reads are the ones I tend to gravitate towards as they have simple storylines about the lives and loves of young girls. Plus the images and colours are appealing to read over and over again!!

cover background has pink and green stripes. in middle stand four young girls with arms around each other all dressed in different clothes with smiles. title across the top reads in purple letters The Baby-Sitters Club.
An awesome series!

The Baby-Sitter’s Club graphic novel series is perfect for both older fans and younger ones!! We get to meet a new graphic version of Kristy, Mary-Ann, Claudia, Stacey, Dawn and Mallory as they have some hilarious babystting adventures with scary neighbours, prank calls, and cranky toddlers!! Each book has been illustrated exquisitely and the story just flows from one instalment to the next. Books 1 to 4 have been illustrated by award-winning Raina Telgemeier and 5 to 8 by Gale Galligan. One of the reasons this is included here is because I’m pretty sure there are some older readers who like some heartwarming girly reads every now and then, just like me!! 

blue background with large yellow smiley face in middle. white teeth in face has braces. title underneath in white letters reads Smile. emblem of Eisner award on top right corner of smiley face.
A lovely read!

The next set of books I want to introduce to you are Raina Telgemeier’s autobiographical Smile series. We start off with Raina’s adventures in having her teeth fixed in Smile, and continue with Sisters and Guts where we learn about how she grows up with younger siblings and her adventures in school. I really loved reading these, and every now and then I’d take it home from the library and read it at least four times before bringing it back!! Something about the dramas of growing up mixed with the cute drawings and hilarious dialogue in these award-winning graphic novels will always have me looking out for them!! I just love all of Telgemeier’s books!! Look her up and see if you can find her others too!! They are all worth collecting!!

yellow cover with white star in middle. young girl in roller skates and gear jumping in middle with blue hair. large blue letters across top reads Roller Girl.
A quirky read!

This last one, Roller Girl, I found by chance and immensely enjoyed reading. Although I had never tried roller-skating, I enjoyed reading it in this book. Young Astrid signs up for roller derby camp during one summer and finds herself learning more about herself than ever before!! Victoria Jamieson’s illustrations and story really kept me captivated from beginning to end with this lovely coming-of-age read!! 

In all of these selected reads I found the young girls all have unique characters and a lot of inner strength. I hope these author-illustrators continue with their work as I look forward to reading these to my nieces when they’re older!!

All of these books have a 5 ⭐ rating from me!!

Stay safe everyone, and keep reading!

Miss Mahee

2 thoughts on “More graphic reads for girls

  1. My daughter was so excited to learn that the Baby-Sitters Club was a series I had read as a girl. She found it because she liked Telgemeier’s other graphic novels, like SMILE. I think I even heard that there is a Netflix series, so we will need to watch that together!


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