Extra teen reads for you

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed’s gorgeous novel highlighted earlier this week. It was only after reading this book did I realise how fascinating and diverse this style of collaborative work was!! This post will feature a few other such works for your enjoyment!!

This first review is of another collaborative project Albertalli did with her friend, Adam Silvera. It’s one that will have your emotions wrung out…

light pink coloured cover with city skyline at top in faded blue silhouette. bottom images of two boys walking away from each other. one with jeans and bag, other with jeans and carrying brown box. fire hydrant between them. orange letters between them reads What if it's us. blue letters at top over skyline Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera
An interesting read!

Title: What if it’s us

Authors: Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera

Publication details: Balzer + Bray & HarperTeen; NY, 2018

What this book is about: Arthur is only in New York for the summer, but if Broadway has taught him anything, it’s that the universe can deliver a show stopping romance when you least expect it. Ben thinks the universe needs to mind its business. If the universe had his back, he wouldn’t be on his way to the post office carrying a box of his ex-boyfriend’s things. But when Arthur and Ben meet at the post office, what exactly does the universe have in store for them? Maybe nothing. After all, they get separated. Maybe everything. After all, they get reunited. Best friends Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera combine their talents in this smart, funny, and heartfelt collaboration about two very different boys who can’t decide if the universe is pushing them together – or pulling them apart. 

My review: A really cool teen read!! Yes, it’s about two gay boys and their love story, but expertly woven together by a couple of amazing writers in Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera. I really felt for the boys as they stumbled along the path towards love!! The hilarious dialogue and awesome descriptions of the New York city landscape held me captivated, almost as if I was there with them. I enjoyed this read more than I thought I would!! I would, however, recommend that due to the nature of the mature themes addressed, this be read by older teens please.

My rating: 4 ⭐

This next book is one done by a pair of sisters. Hope you like it!!

dark red background cover with green leaves around corners. dark haired girl with sunglasses and red dress looks to side. white letters on right reads Dear Haiti, Love Alaine
An engaging read!

Title: Dear Haiti, Love Alaine

Authors: Maika Moulite & Martiza Moulite

Publication details: Inkyard Press; Canada, 2019

What this book is about: When a school presentation goes very wrong, Alaine Beauparlant finds herself suspended and shipped off to Haiti for her spring break. There she is to spend her time in a “volunteer immersion project”, toiling away under the ever-watchful eyes of her aunt, Tati Estelle and her mother at a new non-profit in Haiti. Although it is meant as punishment, Alaine is still able to flirt with Tati’s distracting cute intern, get some actual face time with her mom and experience her family history in Haiti for the first time.

My review: A fascinating read!! Told in the form of diary entries, text messages, articles, interviews and letters, we get to hear the quirky and headstrong voice of Alaine as she navigates her ‘punishment’ in Haiti. Co-written by two sisters, the voice and personality of Alaine shines through every page. Not only is she a smart and brave young woman, but also a caring one too. I like how we are introduced to her friends and family. Despite the myriad of media used, we tend to get quite a full picture of Alaine’s life. I really enjoyed this story but I must warn readers that there are a few dramatic scenes! So be advised!! Again, I think it should be better for older teens.

My rating: 4 ⭐

If you have a teenager who enjoys teen reads such as these then Epic Reads is a great resource, one I’ve recommended for many of my colleagues at work and the lovely teenagers that I meet.

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

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