Welcome to August

Meet my favourite tween genres this month

Hi everyone, for August’s theme I have decided to share with you my favourite genres of tween reads. I’m guessing at least some of my followers have guessed what they are by now, but if you fall under the majority, well….read on to find out!

So, this month I won’t be giving too many review posts but a combination to book lists and discussion posts. And maybe a few extra surprises along the way!

four box grid. top left image of girl in dungarees on rail tracks. white letters Moon Over Manifest above her. top right image of African American boy holding book. black and white background with yellow letters beside him reading New Kid. bottom left image of four kids in silhouette. pink white blue circles around with green-blue box in middle orange letters read Mr Lemoncello's Library. bottom right box green box with yellow letters 'My Favourite Tween Genres.'
Favourite Genres

To start with, ranking at number one, is historical fiction. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one as at least one in every four people I meet at my work enjoy historical fiction. The appeal I guess is in the detailed description of a time period or significant event. The main elements that  I tend to enjoy are things like the outfits the characters wear, the language used, and the varying landscapes described by the authors. I find myself transported from my spot on my bed to war-torn Europe, medieval Africa, and even to prehistoric eras!!

Coming close at number two is adventure reads!! Ok, I confess, once I’d read the Harry Potter books I was hooked on the genre, and well…here we are! That rush of adrenaline as Harry races Malfoy for the snitch, or the suspense as Percy Jackson stumbles through the labyrinth is something that keeps me glued to stories like these. I suppose the whole good vs evil plots along with a steady cast of characters helps with my choices of reads. Mind you, after reading a few titles on this genre I need something to bring me back to reality.

Which is why realistic fiction or contemporary reads are ones I tend to look for soon after. You know the ones. With family dramas, sibling rivalries, school stories, and sometimes a few serious themed ones. To get those grey cells working of course.

These three are definitely the top ones I will be featuring this month. 

I’ll also be writing a post on how to help your tween through their own reading journey and how genres play a main part in their choices. 

The surprise is… well… something of my own writing. As of writing this, I’m undecided, it’s even a surprise to me!! Keep your eyes open though, there’s no telling what I’ll choose!!

So, sit back, and enjoy the posts coming up this month.

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

image of books on shelves from right side to left where image is out of focus. in middle in white letters To the Library!
Calling all bibliophiles!

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