The beginnings of my writing journey

Hi everyone, this is the very first personal post where I actually talk about my humble beginnings into the art of writing. To say I always wanted to write wouldn’t be the whole truth, but if you wanted to know exactly how I came to this point today… well… I think you know the drill…

Great, you made it to the beginning of this post!!

Well to begin with, the writing work I did in school inspired me to write little stories and poems when I was just a little girl. My mother still has a few hidden away somewhere, I think. My first attempts were stories with magic and fairies, maybe a few with families, but they all ended with happy endings and followed the same pattern. As I grew up with assignments involving essays and reports I suppose my writing changed into the academic variety. Writing for leisure took a slight backseat as I forged my way through high school and into university here in New Zealand. Changing countries and schools may have had an impact on my leisure writing but I don’t think it affected my imagination. You see, my collection of books came with me. Those good friends I made in Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, and To kill a mockingbird would always be around. I suppose you could say, they inspired me to keep my imagination alive and fired up the dormant writing skills. 

My start into poetry began in the late 1990’s when I was in university. You could say what I was learning in a brand new country helped me find inspiration. My relatives back in Sri Lanka would send me postcards and cute pictures which would also give me some prompts for a poem or short story. 

As my confidence grew, so did my poetry. You could say I found my groove. I decided to write about memories from my younger years and experiences I had with my family. I’m not sure if I read a lot of poetry back then, but the words came freely. Rifling through old photo albums helped quite a bit.

(Apologies for the tiny print, but it’s clear I had a lot to say about the Savannah in Eastern Africa after a visit there!!)

I suppose after I started this blog, the books I read over the last few years propelled my love for poetry even more. Those tween reads written in verse opened my eyes to a whole new way of storytelling. I learned about the different styles poetry takes such as acrostic and concrete poems along with the traditional free verse, haiku, and sonnet style. Whenever I read a book that’s written in verse, I feel a little thrill because I know that author has had to work a bit harder to find just the right words to bring the story to life in that form. 

My own writing has certainly changed over the years. Although I enjoy poetry I find myself writing more prose and well…these blog posts instead. I do have a few short stories I penned when I was younger but sadly, my courage to publish them on any platform has waned a bit as they feel a bit childish now!! I have started my life’s story and have a few chapters written out along with seeds of ideas towards a manuscript of a novel. However, friends, that is a story for another day!! 

So, that is another little snippet into my writing endeavors. I hope you enjoyed the small pieces I’ve included in this post.

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

image of mountain ranges in differernt colours of dark black, purple, orange to blue sky at top. black letters in middle of image reads 'Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words. Edgar Allan Poe'
Inspirational quote…

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