She loves you by Ann Hood

Hi everyone, this first post is a review of a book I found quite recently. Now, even though I was born in the 1970’s, I did grow up hearing music from the previous two decades or so. So when I found this awesome story featuring the music from the sensational Beatles I was intrigued. If you feel the same way, why not press below to find out about this read…

bright yellow background with red-brown pixellated images of four sets of hair. large white cursive letters across them reads She loves You. smaller black letters at top read Ann Hood and at bottom white letters read Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.
An engaging historical read

Title: She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah

Author: Ann Hood

Genre: Fiction – historical

ISBN: 9781524785116   (Hardcover)

What this book is about: Set in that tumultuous year: 1966, while the Vietnam War rages overseas, the Beatles have catapulted into stardom… and Trudy Mixer has fallen in love with them, especially the handsome Paul McCartney. But the world is changing fast –  including Trudy’s –  and she’s having trouble keeping up. Her best friend, Michelle, has decided to become a cheerleader, everyone at school is now calling her Gertrude (her despised real name), and the gem of her middle school career, her Beatles fan club has dwindled down to only three members – and they’re the least popular kids at school. Determined to turn things around Trudy decides that there’s one thing that will change her fate: to meet Paul McCartney at the Beatles concert in Boston at the end of the summer. So, on a hot August day, unknown to their families, Trudy leads the final member of her fan club on an unforgettable journey, each of them holding a secret hope for the night to come.  

My review: A lovely historical read of teens growing up in the era of the birth of pop music, the swinging 60’s and that changing era!! At times funny and heartfelt, I really felt as if I was there with Trudy. One of the main things I found while reading this was that even if you didn’t know who the Beatles were and what they had achieved, you wouldn’t be left wondering about it here. Hood does a great job at transporting us into the lives of Trudy and her friends. This was, for me, a good story on following your dreams, making connections and growing up. I absolutely loved the descriptions and enjoyed the references to Beatlemania that was sweeping the United States during those years!! A good read for all ages!! 

My rating: 4 ⭐

Once you’ve finished this, why not go and watch Yesterday by Danny Boyle!! Everything will fall into place!!

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

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