My family and the arts

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Hi everyone, this personal post is going to be a cracker of a read. This is one that will explain quite a few things people ask us all the time. How did you get into art? Were you always interested in making paintings? And my personal favourite: what exactly is scrapbooking? So, if you would like these answers along with a general curiosity, then why not go ahead and press the button below to find out more…

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A selection of art-inspired reads for tweens

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Booklists for you

Hi everyone, I hope October is treating you all well. I’m actually in the middle of a life change of sorts. Nothing too major but a bit busy with all that life throws at you at times!! This week is a selection of reads that have titles with art-inspired adventures of sorts. I hope you enjoy this little booklist!!

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Art and mystery with Deron Hicks

Hi everyone, this week’s post is celebrating a trio of reads by author Deron Hicks. The series is called ‘A Lost Art Mystery’ and features the works of some of the masters. Well, friends, if you have heard of this series then I guess it won’t be a surprise, but if you are an art lover and enjoy a good mystery, then why not press the button below to find out more…

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Let’s enjoy some art this October!

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Hi everyone, welcome to October and the changes it brings. Down here in New Zealand, the kids have a two-week school holiday starting now and the weather has calmed down. Spring has settled down and summer is not too far along. My choice for this month’s theme is Art, and all that art means to me. So, why not press the button below to find out more…

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New kid by Jerry Craft

Hello everyone, I hope this new month is treating everyone well. Down here in New Zealand, the clocks have changed and our days are slightly longer. Summer is around the corner!! This next read is an inspirational graphic novel about a young African American boy and his adventures in a new school. If you remember your first day in a new one, then you, like me will surely relate with him. Have a read and find out…

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Lucky Broken Girl by Ruth Behar

Hello everyone, this first post for February features an extremely courageous young girl and describes a summer from her young life. One of the reasons I selected this title is because it’s based on a sequence of events that actually happened to the author. You could say it is semi-autobiographical in that sense. If you enjoy inspirational stories of families making their way in another country, you should start with this one. 

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