Let’s enjoy some art this October!

Hi everyone, welcome to October and the changes it brings. Down here in New Zealand, the kids have a two-week school holiday starting now and the weather has calmed down. Spring has settled down and summer is not too far along. My choice for this month’s theme is Art, and all that art means to me. So, why not press the button below to find out more…

Art is something that we enjoy in my family. I’ve always loved painting and drawing from a young age. As I grew up playing with play-doh and paper mache, I learned quite a bit about creating art with all sorts of things. Fast-forward to the mid-2000’s and my hobby of scrapbooking starts along with a fresh enthusiasm to create more. Mostly with my words, but the urge to create an image is always ever present. I’ve collected a few pieces over my life, but mostly I enjoy creating my own. My family are also serious artists in their chosen media!! So to say art has been in my life from a young age would be an understatement!

The majority of the posts this month will showcase art and famous artists in the tween books I’ve read. I was thinking of looking up some non-fiction reads but there are so many books out there and I couldn’t narrow down to a few so I abandoned that idea and kept it to the tween fiction reads. I’ll have a personal post on what art means to me and its impact on my life. The last post will be a little different as it falls on the week my sister enters her fourth decade!! A significant birthday!! So that week’s post will be dedicated to my sister; for embarrassing photos of me and her, this will be a good one to check out!!

I hope you enjoy these posts!!

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

background looks like paint splashes mixed together. bright pink swatch at top with white letters across it as quote reading 'Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness. Anni Albers.'
Inspiration and art…

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