A whole new country for tweens

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Booklists for you

Hi everyone, this third week’s booklist post features a selection of seven titles where the tween heroes have to adjust to a brand new country of all things. Can you imagine it?? I mean, you’re hitting puberty and your parents have decided to move you across the world!! Well… if you can’t imagine it then press the button below to find out what our young characters in these reads experienced…

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Tween series that would make awesome movies

Hi everyone, this week I will be sharing with you a collection of tween titles I’ve enjoyed over the years which I would love to watch as a movie franchise!! There’s a little bit of everything here; adventure, mystery, humour, science fiction, and fantasy!! Are you keen to find out what they are? Then, why don’t you get your tween involved and see if you agree with my selections below!!

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