Tween series that would make awesome movies

Hi everyone, this week I will be sharing with you a collection of tween titles I’ve enjoyed over the years which I would love to watch as a movie franchise!! There’s a little bit of everything here; adventure, mystery, humour, science fiction, and fantasy!! Are you keen to find out what they are? Then, why don’t you get your tween involved and see if you agree with my selections below!!

Six-grid box. large right has clip art image of movie reel in blue background with white letters across it 'Tween books that would make awesome movies!!' bottom right cover image of large ring with image of boy inside. red letters under it read Ash Mistry. middle bottom cover of large tree with boy and girl on either side and orange letters reading Accidental Time traveller. left corner image of tow kids in shadow looking at empty chair under white spotlight. dark letters at top read Vanished!. left middle image of busy background with four kids on either edge in brown silhouette. red letters in middle read The Candymakers. top left image of boy and girl inside dark cave with fire torch. yellow letters below them read Jake Atlas.
Awesome tween series!!

To begin with, I’m not going to talk about the obvious ones, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Artemis Fowl etc. but of different ones. These won’t be found among the lists you see these days, but I’m hoping to get you excited about the possibility of them becoming an inspiration for something someday!! Shall we begin then?

large golden ring in middle with arrowhead inside and boy looking at evil person. fortress like structure in background at top in darkening sky. blue at base with red letters reading Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress.
A thrilling epic…

First in line are the Ash Mistry Chronicles by Sarwat Chadda. Told over three instalments readers are met with an unlikely pair of heroes in Ash, (Ashoka) and his sister Lucky (Lakshmi), a pair of Indian siblings from England who find themselves entangled in an ancient war against evil Indian gods and monsters. I won’t be breaking down what happens in these, I’ll leave that for you to find out. What I will say is this, try to imagine a version of Harry Potter minus the wands and spells, but with scary monsters straight from the depths of Hindu mythology battling against a human warrior who needs to seriously lose a few pounds!! You know you have an awesome trio of reads when each one gets subsequently better as they progress!! If this ever did get made into a movie series, I’ll be there claiming the best seats in the house!! 

four covers in one grid. top image of boy and girl running under ancient structures. top right boy and girl standing under creepers mountain behind them. bottom left boy and girl on snowy mountains with helicopter behind them. bottom right of boy and girl inside dark crypt like place with flame torch in hand. large letters across bottom read Jake Atlas with smaller letters below relating to subtitle.
An awesome adventure series

My next selection are the Jake Atlas books by Rob Lloyd Jones. I believe I’ve already given you a detailed review post of the first three in this series. If you’ve read these and have managed to find the fourth, that’s awesome!! As I read each of these, I kept seeing it in my mind’s eye playing out with the Indiana Jones soundtrack for some reason!! Must be all those references to ancient kingdoms with stolen artefacts thrown in!! What I enjoyed the most was despite all the crazy things that happened to Jake, his family was always there backing him up and the end goal was achieved as a team. In my opinion, I would prefer an adventure with a family of treasure hunters than a solo effort!! Have a read of these and see if you agree with me!!

cover image has large black tree in middle with boy in green jacket and jeans on right side with girl in long white dress on left side. branches has items in it like soccer ball, candle, book, game console and phone. orange letters across middle of trunk read The Accidental Time Traveller.
An interesting read

This next set of reads don’t come as a series but as companions in a set. The accidental time traveller by Janis Mackay and it’s companion novels will take you all the way across the world to Edinburgh in Scotland. You will meet up with Saul and his friends, and take some crazy, hair-raising time-travelling adventures!! Oh and one other thing, there’s no fancy portal or telephone-box shaped device to transport them either, just a very strange set of… wait… that would be telling. You’re going to have to read them and find out!! I chose this set for their comedic value!! The cast of characters would be a hilarious set to see play out!! And the story truly is unique and remarkable as a whole!!

Four grid in blue background left top Framed! boy peeping out of white spotlight and frame top right Vanished! boy and girl empty chair in spotlight bottom left Trapped! hand closing blue safe door boy and girl silhouette inside
Mystery series

In my next selection, the Framed set of books by James Ponti, you will get a mystery/spy sort of vibe happening. Our main character is one of those genius types, Florian Bates, a sort of junior version of Sherlock Holmes if you will, who along with his friend Margaret end up being some sort of junior assistants to the FBI! Yes, there are some fast-paced, adrenaline-rush-inducing adventures in this trio of books with some awesome puzzle-solving skills!! I think you’ll find I’ve said that it reads more like an action movie in my review of it too!! Well… do you agree with me on this selection? If you’ve read any other title similar to this, let me know as I truly enjoy getting lost in one of these!!

For a sweet sensation along with some humour sprinkled with a dash of mystery, you will adore The Candymakers by Wendy Mass. Out of all the books Mass has written, this title along with it’s sequel The Candymakers and the Great Chocolate Chase, are the ones I would love to see made into some sort of movie or TV show. It has a bit of everything; family secrets, mystery, suspense, drama, humour, all mixed with sweets and chocolate galore!! Oh, the many sweets and chocolate… my mouth was watering at every chapter!! Imagine a contemporary version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory minus the Ooompa Lumpa’s!! Okay, I’ve got your taste-buds on high alert, haven’t I?? Go on… have a read and see what you think!!

cover image has four kids standing behind man in middle in orange coat with creatures around him. light coloured background. blue letters at top read The Kensingtom Reptilarium.
An engaging read!

My last selection of reads that I think would look awesome on the screen starts with The Kensington Reptilarium by N.J. Gemmell. The first one starts by introducing readers to the Caddy children hailing from somewhere in outback Australia, who end up relocated to their uncle’s house in London during the early 1950’s. Trouble is, their uncle is more interested in his snakes than them! The adventures that follow in the next two reads describe some awesome adventures and encounters with exotic specimens of all things creepy and crawly!! Now I know what you’re thinking, insects and snakes, really??! But, if you have a read of these you’ll end up falling in love with the group of siblings and find yourself wishing like mad it was a movie of some sort!! Just make sure you have some tissues handy as some parts are so funny you’ll be in tears!! Fans of the versions of A Series of Unfortunate Events will find this trio of reads a hilarious alternative!!

Well, these are the tween series I’d pay good money to see on screen, as long as whoever produces it keeps to the main story!! If you have read a similar story I’d love to hear of them.

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

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