Music explained for tweens

Hi everyone, as this week’s title suggests, you will get some technical and historical background to music in the post below. I’ve hand-picked for you a selection of books that can give you a guide to introduction to music and its main players…

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The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwamba

Hi friends, here is my last post for April. Winter is not too far along now here in Auckland. I hope you enjoyed last week’s personal post about my life in Zambia during my childhood. This last post is a review about a book I had heard about but didn’t read until recently. This biographical junior read is about an actual young African teenager who was inspired to do more for his family and community. 

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Let’s travel to Africa this April

banner with light brown background. two images in top left and bottom right ends. top left image of two brown and gold dappled giraffes standing looking towards right in long dry grass and taller tree with bright blue sky behind them. bottom right image of lone dark-skinned elephant with tusks looking ahead with water and sunset sky behind it. cartoon image of green grass along bottom edge and yellow swirl of sun on top right corner.

Hi everyone, as the title of this post suggests, let’s travel to Africa with the reads I’ve selected for you!! Yes, I’m finally going to showcase what this magnificent continent has and what makes it all that special to me. So, friends, why not grab something to drink and settle in for a month of exciting books!!

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Hope in the mail by Wendelin Van Draanen

Hi everyone, I hope you all are enjoying the festive season and the holidays. This last week of the year has felt so rushed. I hope you all manage to get some downtime and have a moment to reflect on all you have achieved. When it comes to achievements, I used to think that if I hadn’t written anything original of my own then my writing goals haven’t been met. But I changed my thought process after I decided to read as much as I could on writing while I flex those specific muscles, literally. So, this last week I’ll leave you with a teen book on writing to get you started if you need a little something…

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Walking with Plato by Gary Hayden

Hi everyone, the summer is finally here in New Zealand! The days are nice and sunny with a few spells of rain every now and then. My new house overlooks onto a walking path that stretches beyond the train station and takes amblers towards the main town or the big park on the other side. With this in mind I thought I’d share a travelogue I encountered which got me interested in philosophy in general. See what you think…

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Walk in their shoes by Jim Ziolkowski

Hi everyone, this last week’s review is a tome that struck a chord with me. Inspirational, powerful, and insightful’ are just a few of the words that come into my mind when I think about this read. If this is enough to move you to read more, then please go ahead and press the button below to find out more…

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Let’s learn a little history on cooking this week

Hi everyone, this post is one of a kind as it will feature the works of one particular author. Bee Wilson’s two works, Consider the fork and First Bite are titles I found that have an extensive history of cooking and the food we eat. Yes, friends, these are hard core nonfiction titles. If you’re after some lighter reads, I suggest you wait a few days, or you could persevere and learn something today by pressing the button below.

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Let’s enjoy food this June

image of pile of fresh vegetables on table with dark background. from beans, carrots, tomatoes, green peppers to cauliflower and lemons.

Hi everyone, this cooler month of June I will be featuring books on food and cooking. Two words I thought would not be popular with tween readers; but the ones I found were all quite quirky and interesting that I felt I had to share it with you. So, if you want to find out more, click below to see what’s in store for you this month…

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A memorable memoir

Hi everyone, I hope this month is faring better for you all. Despite the many restrictions here in New Zealand with the surge in the pandemic, life has a way of just trickling along by itself. I thought I’d share a review of a memoir I read some time ago which I enjoyed. Hope you have a similar reaction…

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