Fairy tales and graphic novels

Hi everyone, this week’s post is about a series of graphic novels I found. Now, I know there are versions of fairy tales made into graphic novels that have become some form of manga that are irresistible to tween and teen readers. This particular series caught my eye in 2020 and I may have given a short review then. In this post I will be giving you a longer review as the series had some quirky drawings and also because the adventures centre around one specific character. To find out you’ll have to press the button below…

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Fairy tales and me

Hi everyone, I hope this month has treated everyone fairly. This year has sped by so quickly it feels strange to see people preparing for Christmas!! My oldest niece turns seven this week!! I still can’t believe it since it feels as if it was yesterday when she was a giggling baby!! Today’s post is a bit of a present for her as she loves her fairy tales just like I did when I was her age!

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