Fairy tales and graphic novels

Hi everyone, this week’s post is about a series of graphic novels I found. Now, I know there are versions of fairy tales made into graphic novels that have become some form of manga that are irresistible to tween and teen readers. This particular series caught my eye in 2020 and I may have given a short review then. In this post I will be giving you a longer review as the series had some quirky drawings and also because the adventures centre around one specific character. To find out you’ll have to press the button below…

This unique series of graphics tells the adventures of a young princess. And what an awesome and amazing young woman she is!! Let’s find out more about these books…

three-grid box. top image of girl on top of some type of creature. birds flying behind her. The Courageous Princess Beyond the Hundred Kingdoms in dark letters at top of white and blue flower background. bottom right image of girl standing up in purple dress with long puffy white sleeves. light purple background with castle in shadow. title 'The Courageous Princess The Demon Queen' with white and light purple flower behind. left image of girl on flying carpet with animal beside her. background of orange shadowy shape. title 'The Courageous Princess The unremembered lands' with pink and white flowers behind.
A lovely read!!

Series title: The Courageous Princess

Book one: Beyond the one hundred kingdoms

In this first book a greedy dragon kidnapped a beloved princess… But if you think she just waited around for some charming prince to rescue her, then you’re in for a surprise! Princess Mabel Rose may not be the fairest of the land, but she has the brains and bravery to fend for herself! From a mighty dragon with an army of trolls to a tyrant tiger king, Mabel Rose meets each challenge with pluck and intelligence, winning the help and friendship of the many kindred spirits she encounters in her quest to find her way home. 

Book two: The Unremembered Lands

In this next one we find Princess Mabel Rose escaping her captor; a nasty dragon. While trying to find her way home she also frees the people of Leptia from a tyrannical king. She is a kind and courageous princess, indeed! Finally making her way home from the Unremembered Lands, Mabel Rose discovers that her father, King Jeryk, is on a quest to rescue her – but now he and his posse of princes are the ones who need rescuing! Unable to return home while her father is in danger, Mabel Rose begins a new quest – one that will lead her to her father and to the Lord of the Dragons. 

Book three: The Dragon Queen

In a strange twist Princess Mabel Rose now finds herself held captive by the Dragon Queen. She must use her generous spirit, as well as her smarts, to have any hope of gaining her freedom and saving the one hundred kingdoms from the queen’s plan to wage war. But that’s not all.. Mabel Rose’s father and friends are imprisoned in the queen’s unreachable Unremembered Lands, and they may be in need of a rescuer. 

My review: What a delightful series of graphic novels!! For once, the princess is the true hero, with not just courage and determination, but compassion and kindness and a very generous heart. A story with all your favourite fairy tales mixed together in a lovely myriad of tales. I found these books beautifully drawn and filled with lovable characters. Rod Espinosa seems to bring these characters to life in the way he draws. Other than the exciting action sequences, I love the emotions that play on their faces and the funny and quirky dialogue between the characters!! This is truly a series of graphics that both boys and girls both will enjoy!! The edition I read of this series is actually a much more recent one than the original which I believe was from 1998.

My rating: 4 ⭐

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