Samantha Sutton and the labyrinth of lies by Jordan Jacobs

Hello all, although Christmas is just around the corner, today’s post will be a slightly different book. Down here in New Zealand, summer has arrived. The days are longer and at times warmer. So, in celebration with all things summer and beachy, prepare yourself for some summer adventures!!

Samantha Sutton and the labyrinth of lies girl inside Egyptian tomb with pen and notebook
A daring adventure read!

Title: Samantha Sutton and the labyrinth of lies

Author: Jordan Jacobs

Publication details: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky: London; 2012

ISBN: 9781402275609

What this book is about: This incredible page-turner is about a young girl from California who is given the chance to follow her archaeologist uncle to the excavation of an ancient Peruvian temple. What she doesn’t expect, though, is the legend haunting this ancient site. When important artifacts begin to disappear overnight, Samantha must navigate the disapproving eye of her uncle’s acerbic assistant, the bungling boyishness of her annoying big brother, and the ever-present stories swirling among the locals of the hysterical spirit that wanders through the town late at night. Using her keen sensibility and her knack for mapping the unknown passageways of Chavín de Huántar, Samantha uncovers a mystery far bigger than she could have ever imagined.

My review: This awesome book is about a subject that is quite close to my heart – archaeology!! Samantha Sutton is an amazing character and the non-stop action in this book had me wishing I could change careers!!  This amazing whirlwind of an adventure story had me gripped from start to finish. Even the scenes of the painstakingly slow process involved in archaeological digs were exciting to me!! I was fascinated by this story and found myself absorbed into Samantha’s world. The supporting cast was equally interesting, especially her relationship with her brother. This was an exceptionally well written story for a first time children’s author!! It was soon after reading this book that I decided to read as many tween books on archaeology and archaeologists instead of be one!!

My rating: 5 ⭐

Additional notes: This is the first in a series. The second is titled Samantha Sutton and the winter of the warrior queen and the third Samantha Sutton and the temple of traitors.

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