Adventure in archaeology

Hi all, today is a special post. I thought I would explain a little more on my fascination on archaeology. I guess it’s that aspect of looking for our place in history and unearthing what it means to be human. I have always believed that much of the answers to our present and future lie in the past. Whether it’s in the form of  a clay pot used to house grains or the remains of palaces buried deep under layers of sand! And yes, the whole Indiana Jones side of it comes into play too!! I hope you enjoy the books I’ve selected for this special post!

The Scorpions of Zahir girl with necklace scorpions in desert background
Mystery and adventure in Egypt

Title: The Scorpions of Zahir

Author: Christine Brodien-Jones

Publication details: Delacorte Press; NY, 2012

ISBN: 9780385739337

What this book is about: Eleven-year-old Zagora Pym has always dreamed of becoming a desert explorer – and now she’s on her way to Morocco with her archaeologist father,  Dr. Charles Pym. Once Zagora, her father, and her astronomy-obsessed brother, Duncan, reach Morocco, they find themselves embroiled in a heart-stopping quest filled with enchanted oryxes and ravenous hyenas, prophetic glyphs, and a rogue planet moving closer to Earth. And with the help of members of a local tribe, the Pym family takes on the challenges of a punishing land to keep a sacred city from being buried forever.

My review: An awesome archaeological mystery packed with adventure and fast-paced action! I loved the whole family aspect of this book, especially the brother-sister dynamics. Christine Brodien-Jones has some great description here along with some exceptional fantasy elements that keep the story vibrant!

My rating: 4 ⭐


Secrets of the Tombs series

Titles: The Phoenix Code, The Dragon Path, The Serpent King

Author: Helen Moss

What these books are about: In the first book, The Phoenix Code, we are introduced to Ryan Flint as he accompanies his journalist mother on an expedition to Egypt’s Valley of Kings. When he gets there the last thing he expected was to get caught up in an ancient murder mystery 3,000 years old. The archaeologists daughter Cleo McNeil has stumbled onto an incredible secret but soon finds someone on her trail. In this first adventure, Ryan and Cleo must work together to outwit their enemies and solve the Phoenix Code. The Dragon Path opens up with the duo, Ryan and Cleo, heading to China with their parents to examine an archaeological site. But when Cleo’s grandmother tells the friends about a secret that haunts her past, they’re plunged into a new mystery. Ryan thought he’d used up a lifetime’s supply of adventure – now he’s surrounded by fire-breathing dragons, ancient poisons and an army of terracotta warriors!! In the last book The Serpent King, the two friends find themselves in Mexico searching for the burial site of an ancient Mayan King. While Cleo is determined to solve the mystery of the Jaguar Paw’s death, Ryan has another mission – even closer to his heart – the search for his father. The stakes are much higher than they could have imagined in this final story.

My review: This series of adventure reads won my heart with not just the characters but with it’s great storytelling. Of all the Egypt adventures I had read, The Phoenix Code was by far the best. Set at a reasonable pace each one took me to some awesome locations around the world with a whole host of funny and likable characters. Each had oodles of code-cracking, mystery-solving and high adventure for fans of all ages!! As the trilogy progressed we saw a hint of romance developing between the two teens but the adventure won out for me!! Helen Moss has a knack of setting these stories right into your life with her vivid description and amazing storytelling! This is an awesome adventure series to get stuck into if you enjoy archaeology like me!!

My rating for all three books: 5 ⭐

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