Family Tree series by Ann M. Martin

Hi everyone, I hope you are all enjoying The Mother-Daughter Book Club series! This extra post today is about a similar series I found among all my readings!! So if you enjoyed the previous series, then I’m sure you will love this one!!

Titles: Better to Wish, The Long Way Home, Best Kept Secret, Home is the Place

Author: Ann M. Martin

Genre: Fiction – historical

Publication details: Scholastic Press; NY, 2013 – 2015

What these books are about: Friendship and family, Life and death. Four girls. Four generations. It’s 1930 and Abby Nichols can’t imagine what her future holds. She lives with her quiet mother, her angry father, and sometimes annoying sometimes sweet sister, Rose, in a small town in Maine. One of the best friends is a boy names Orrin, whom her father doesn’t want her talking to. She’s known her other best friend, Sarah, forever and doesn’t think they’ll ever be apart. But Abby’s world is changing fast. Soon there will be new siblings to take care of, a new house to move into, and new friends to meet. There will also be goodbyes to say and hard choices to make. In this incredible new series, bestselling Ann M. Martin brings the past and the present together one girlhood at a time. The family story begins with Abby’s, then continues in the next three Family Tree books, focusing on the lives of Abby’s daughter Dana, her granddaughter Francie, and her great-granddaughter Georgia. The result is a remarkable look at four generations.

My review: What a lovely and heartfelt series this was!! I enjoyed it from the first book about Abby, then Dana her daughter in the second book, granddaughter Francie and ending with her great-granddaughter Georgia. A cast of strong and courageous young women and describing the years they grow up in. Each a decade away but filled with so much. I love the attention master storyteller Ann M. Martin has used in this delightful historical series. Some awesome writing here from the creator of The Babysitters Club!! A really great series to get into!!

My rating for all books: 5 ⭐


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