The Carmody Casebooks by Ian Beck

Hi everyone, this week I’m writing to you about an intriguing set of books. Yes, the title in question has more than one story to it, and boy are they worth reading!! If you enjoy historical reads with a pinch of mystery and a dash of the paranormal variety of fiction, then this title is for you!!

The Carmody Casebooks girl and boy in silhouette war planes above
Spine-chilling mysteries

Title: The Carmody Casebooks

1 – The Disappearance of Tom Pile      2 -The Miraculous Return of Annick Garel

Author: Ian Beck

Genre: Fiction – historical/paranormal

Publication details: Corgi Books; UK, 2017

What this book is about: The lights took them, now they have returned…

Part 1 – When bright lights are spotted above a tiny village in Dorset, the locals suspect German bombers. Jack Carmody believes otherwise. He is part of a secret government department set up to explore the supernatural and the unexplained. Then a boy – Tom Pile – is discovered, alone and scared. Tom went missing forty years ago.

Part 2 – One year later, two French fisherman see strange lights over the Channel – and discover a girl in the water, barely alive. Annick Garel drowned in a storm thirty years ago. Both children have powers that could change the course of the Second World War. both sides in that war want their secrets. These are two extraordinary stories. These are the Casebooks of Jack Carmody.

My review: What a brilliant story!! Some excellent writing by Ian Beck!! I was hooked from the first story, of which I read a stand alone edition, and went hunting for another and found this one! In this book, which includes the follow up story in The Miraculous Return of Annick Garel, we get to see more of Jack Carmody and Tom Pile and learn of some new characters. If you had, unlike me, watched X-Files religiously, then this children’s read would be perfect for  you!! For me, the description of the horrors of World War 2 are a bit too detailed, but despite this they were both extremely captivating.  If anyone has any similar reads as suggestions, please let me know!! 

My rating: 4 ⭐

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