Trouble in Time by Adele Broadbent

Hi everyone, this week’s post is quite an intriguing one of family, history, and most importantly; it’s one of the first time-slip stories I’d read by a New Zealand children’s author! If this short snippet of a description has raised interest, see if you enjoy this one and let me know!!

Trouble in time person from behind cogs from antique clock
Time-slip story

Title: Trouble in time

Author: Adele Broadbent

Genre: Fiction – contemporary/timeslip (NZ)

Publication details: Scholastic; Auckland, 2014

ISBN: 9781775432265

What this book is about: Young Ben thought he had enough on his hands with his grouchy great-granddad invading his space, but one day the unthinkable happens and Ben finds himself in the year 1935, when his Poppa was twelve. An adrenaline-pumping adventure back in time quickly becomes a mission to save lives in one era, memories in another and the future of an entire city.

My review: I have to say from the start that this is not your average time-slip story where the hero gets stuck in the past until they learn something about themselves or an ancestor. This read takes more of a time-jump from one childhood to another, and the one in the past has some difficult challenges!! What I really liked was the idyllic New Zealand setting and how it differed in 1935 when Ben’s great-grandfather was young! Some awesome characters here along with an enjoyable story. The book explores the general themes of friendship, family, and dealing with bullying that rings true no matter the time or era you find yourself!

My rating: 4 ⭐


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