Welcome to July!

Hello everyone, welcome to the chilly month of July. Winter has finally arrived after quite a warm first half of the year. Our days are shorter and colder. My sister, who lives in the UK, is enjoying her summer holidays with her young family! Often I wish I was there, but for me, the only great thing, apart from the weather in the UK now, is the amiable relationship I have with her. So, this month, I’m featuring tween stories about siblings, and the unique bond that having a brother or sister gives you.

Everything I am, you helped me be. three vertical grid images. girl with baby and little kids posing
My baby brother and sister

And I’m extra lucky as I have one of both! Growing up was difficult as they were many years my junior, but as the years rolled by, we turned out to be better friends than siblings. Especially with the big man my baby brother has become!! Sure we have the odd argument or thousand, but it’s those shared memories that bind us together. The stories featured this month will have main characters with a strong sibling bond and I have found several from different genres. I hope you enjoy reading these as I had a blast selecting them for you!!

Miss Mahee

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