Thursday’s Children by Rumer Godden

Hello all, welcome to July’s first book review. This first sibling story is a historical read. It is set sometime in the last century and tells a fascinating story of ballet, and siblings, of course. Fans of Billy Elliot will enjoy this book!

Thursday's children pink ballet shoes on blue background black pain in middle
An interesting read

Title: Thursday’s Children

Author: Rumer Godden

Genre: Fiction – contemporary

Publication details: Virago Press; UK, 2013 (1st published 1984)

ISBN: 9781844088485

What this book is about: Doone Penny is a child with a gift – he was born to dance. Although others recognize his talent, there is little encouragement from his family. His mother preens over his pretty sister, Crystal, also a dancer, but fiercely competitive and vain. Doone’s father would never allow a son of his to have ballet lessons, and his brothers think he’s a sissy. But Doone has a passion and ambition beyond his years, and knows he can succeed, if only he is given the chance.

My review: Such a gorgeous story-line. I wept, pleaded and waited with bated breath as each part of the story played out, as each twist and turn finally straightened and the path was clear. Sometimes it was frustrating and I vented my anger at pieces of paper but started up again. Everything you need in a book on siblings is there: jealousy, sibling rivalry, competitiveness, and complex family dynamics!! Told in a similar style to classics such a Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, or My side of the mountain; this book is destined to reach those heights some day. Loved all of the characters, even Crystal. If you enjoy ballet and dance, then this is a lovely story to read!!

My rating: 4 ⭐

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