Stealing our way home by Cecilia Galante

Hi there, today’s post features a contemporary story of a pair of siblings facing some troubled times. It’s books like these that keep me grateful for what I do have and opens my heart out to young people who are actually living lives similar to these. Despite the struggles of these characters, their story is one liked reading, armed with a box of tissues!! If you think you’re brave enough, then dear followers, please read on…

Stealing our way home boy and girl at edge of lake trees and hills in front of them
A contemporary read

Title: Stealing our way home

Author: Cecilia Galante

Genre: Fiction – contemporary

Publication details: Scholastic Press; NY, 2017

ISBN: 9781338042962

What this book is about: After Pippa and Jack’s mother died last spring, their whole lives changed. Pippa stopped speaking, Jack started picking fights, and their fathers business began to fail. Now, with school starting again, Pippa doesn’t know how she’ll manage a class presentation on Spartan warriors when she can’t even find the words to tell her father that she wishes her were home more. And Jack is struggling to understand his feelings for the mysterious girl next door. But when Jack and Pippa realize that their dad is getting desperate for cash to keep the family afloat that he might be going to extreme – and illegal – lengths to make ends meet, they are forced with the biggest decision of their lives. How far are they willing to go to keep their family together? Stealing our way home is a poignant, deeply affecting novel about falling apart, finding your voice, and the power of letting go.

My review: A sad and poignant story!! I felt my heart go out to Pippa when she stops talking and Jack as he tries to keep it all together. Told in the two distinct voices of the siblings, this story unfolds in a layered way. I really loved the parts written in Pippa’s voice; they gave me an insight into her strong and courageous personality. A really well written story with a great cast of characters. Recommended for older tweens.

My rating: 4 ⭐

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