Extra reads for this week

Hi everyone, hope you found the Jake Atlas books as entertaining as I did!! Reading stories of family relationships mixed with a decent dose of adventure and archaeology has always been exciting for me. So when I found these next few titles I grabbed them before anyone else did!! Have fun reading!!

four grid The Expeditioners teens inside cave with water The Emperor's Riddle two kids running between buildings Addison Cooke kids running on rope bridge
Adventure stories to enjoy

Titles: The Expeditioners series – The Expeditioner’s and the treasure of Drowned Man’s Canyon & The Expeditioner’s and the secret of King Triton’s Lair

Author & Illustrator: S.S. Taylor & Katherine Roy

Genre: Fiction – SciFi/Steampunk

What these books are about: Computers have failed, electricity is extinct, and the race to discover new lands is underway! Brilliant explorer Alexander West has just died under mysterious circumstances, but not before smuggling half of a strange map to his intrepid children – Kit the brain, M.K. the tinkerer, and Zander the brave. In the first story we race along the children as they try to outrun government agents intent on stealing the half map. The second story, the West children are settling into their new lives at the Academy when Kit finds another map left to them by their father. Now they must follow their father’s trail of clues, battling double-agent teachers and solar powered pirates. With the world on the brink of war, the West’s unlock the voyage’s deadly secret with a mixture of courage, wit, and more than a few homemade contraptions.

My review: This cool series has everything: three siblings, mysterious packages, code-cracking puzzles and a whole new sense of the world. Set in a near-future time but with no access to any digital technology, this steampunk novel is the perfect introduction to the West family siblings. I found these books an excellent read as each chapter flowed flawlessly from one to another. You will find yourself racing along with them deep into the Grand Canyon and deep down into the Caribbean Sea in search of treasure along with their quirky friends while spies and enemies are hot on their trail!! Some amazing characters in Kit, his brother and sister Zander and M.K., and their friend Sukey. A great set of books to get stuck into!! Hope they write the next book soon!! Loved the illustrations and maps inside both of them!!

My rating: 5 ⭐

Title: The Emperor’s Riddle

Author: Kat Zhang

Genre: Fiction – contemporary

Publication details: Aladdin; NY, 2017

What this book is about: Mia Chen is on what her mother calls a Grand Adventure. Mia’s not sure what to make of this family trip to China, and she didn’t want to leave her friends for the summer, but she’s excited about the prospect of exploring with her Aunt Lin, the only adult who truly understands her. Then Aunt Lin disappears, right after her old nemesis, a man named Ying, comes to visit. Mia knows that years ago, when Aunt Lin and Ying were sent to the Fuzhou countryside to work as laborers, the two searched for an ancient treasure together – one that still hasn’t been found. She’s suspicious that their shared history might be linked to Aunt Lin’s disappearance. When Mia discovers an old map filled with riddles in Aunt Lin’s room, she quickly pieces together her mission: find the treasure, find her aunt. Now Mia, along with her big brother, Jake, must solve the clues to rescue the person she knows best in the world – and maybe unearth a treasure greater than her wildest dreams.

My review: A great read of high adventure in the highlands of China!! Mia and Jake make a great team as they solve the clues leading to their missing aunt. Kat Zhang has created some awesome characters here along with a lovely story. I loved the descriptions of the landscape and people of China and enjoyed the pacing of this adventure read!! A great read, suitable for both boys and girls!!

My rating: 4 ½ ⭐

Titles: Addison Cooke series – Addison Cooke and the Treasure of the Incas & Addison Cooke and the Tomb of the Khan

Author: Jonathan W. Stokes

Genre: Fiction – contemporary

What these books are about: Smooth-talking, refined twelve-year-old Addison Cooke loves a grand adventure, especially one that involves using his vast knowledge of history and archaeology, learned from his aunt and uncle, both famous researchers. In the first story Addison and his sister Molly along with their friends are off to Peru as they follow a trail of ancient clues to a vast lost treasure before an evil organization intent on stealing the riches. The next story has a dangerous gang who kidnaps Addison’s aunt and uncle all the way to Mongolia, planning to use their skills to raid the tomb of the notorious Genghis Khan. Addison, Molly, and their friends find themselves caught in the middle of an international heist. They travel across Asia in an attempt to rescue Addison’s family and prevent the treasure from falling into the wrong hands armed with nothing but their wits and thirst for adventure.

My review: Oh wow!! These books have a few of my favourite things: archaeology, adventure and ancient history!! On top of it all, a pair of archaeologically-inclined siblings and their crazy friends!! A recipe for awesome or what!! The hilarious dialogue along with action-packed chase scenes and adventure in the jungles of the Amazon and across Asia, make these stories some excellent reading. What a thrilling ride of a read!! If anyone enjoyed watching Indiana Jones or reading James Patterson’s Treasure Hunter series, this series is for you!! The second book ended on a pretty scary bit though!! Hope he ends it all with a happy tune!!

My rating: 5 ⭐

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