Tuckernuck Books by Emily Fairlie

Hello all, here is October’s last post. This week we meet up with a pair of friends who have to explore their school in search of a fabled treasure by following a set of cryptic clues. If you enjoy treasure-hunting books like these, well, you are in for a treat with the two books reviewed in this post!!

The lost treasure of Tuckernuck girl and boy climbing spiral staircase above bright orange lights
A fun and cryptic read

Title: The Lost Treasure of Tuckernuck

Author: Emily Fairlie

Publication details: Katherine Tegen Books; NY, 2012

ISBN: 9780062118905

What this book is about: Using a unique blend of notes, lists, and classic prose, this book tells the story of Bud and Laurie’s quest to find the infamous Tutweiler Treasure. They’re hot (or at least lukewarm) on the trail of clues, but time is running out – the school board wants to tear down Tuckernuck Hall. Can Bud and Laurie find the treasure before it’s lost forever? Emily Fairlie’s memorable caper combines timeless mystery with humour in a treasure trove of wry wit, thrilling adventure, and undeniable heart. 

My review: To be honest, I couldn’t stop laughing with each page I turned!! Your garden-variety middle grade story with an unexpected pair of treasure hunters in the shape of Laurie Madison and Bud Wallace, fill this story with humour and heart. What I loved the most were the notes, emails, lists, and meeting minutes that were tucked into the main story!! I felt that they gave the story a different flow and feel to it!! The supporting cast of characters in the form of the teachers and principal adds another layer to the story!! I won’t be giving any spoilers away, but this was, for me a truly great read!!

My rating: 5 ⭐

Additional notes: This title has been nominated for the Pennsylvania Young Reader’s Choice Award for Grades 3 – 6 in 2015 and the Texas Bluebonnet Award in 2014. 

The magician's bird boy and girl by pillars bird on shelf with top hat and jewel
A fun and engaging read

Title: The Magician’s Bird

Author: Emily Fairlie

Publication details: Katherine Tegen Books; NY, 2013

ISBN: 9780062118936

What this book is about: Bud and Laurie return to solve another mystery at Tuckernuck Hall. but this mystery is much more serious than a treasure hunt – their beloved school founder, Maria Tutweiler, has been accused of murdering Marchetti the Magician! Can Bud and Laurie – with the help of enthusiastic Misti and evil but useful Calliope – prove Maria Tutweiler’s innocence? Or will Tuckernuck Hall be closed down for good? In this sequel Emily Fairlie blends lists, notes, and classic prose to tell a story that sings with humour, suspense, and magic. 

My review: This sequel was such a hilarious story!! With the addition of Calliope and her sister, our heroes Bud, Laurie and Misti find themselves hot on the trail of another set of clues, this time taking them all out of their comfort zones!! They must band together to solve the mystery of Maria Tutweiler’s innocence. Hilariously written in her signature voice along with the help of emails, text messages, lists and notes, this book will surely delight fans of puzzles and code-cracking!! We have a few extra characters in the shape of the principal’s wife among others, who provides an unexpected element of humour to the story!! An awesome read!! I hope Emily Fairlie writes more like these soon!!

My rating: 5 ⭐

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