Wanderlust this December…

Hi everyone, summer has arrived for me here, down in New Zealand!! And with summer comes long lazy days with family, the odd road trip down to a nearby beach for a swim or even a longer vacation with day walks in rainforests, hiking up hills or just playing in a park. In my life, just like most others, summer means travel. So this month, all the books feature an aspect of travelling. 

8-grid top map with camera and passport My Travels across Africa underneath Serengeti National Park sign Surani under Eiffel Tower big picture on right two girls looking at lake bottom left grassy hill with door Hobbitton small grid next elephants in Sri Lanka next box two women in front of Stonehenge underneath right corner blue sea overlooking from resort pool Koh Samui Thailand
Some of my travels

I guess after being on the move since the age of two, travel has been somewhat second nature for my family. The days of planning, preparation and packing are as familiar as brushing my teeth. My family and I, combined, have been to many places on this planet, except for South America! The years in Zambia had us visiting national wildlife parks, the Victoria Falls and a few of the neighbouring countries. Back in Sri Lanka, as kids, we’d go somewhere most weekends and every holiday. In New Zealand, well, the whole country is a travellers dream!! Apart from physically going somewhere different, what I love the most about travelling is learning about another culture and people. Whether it’s a small town in rural New Zealand or an exotic resort island off Thailand, I’m one of those who find beauty and awe in all around me. 

This month’s reads feature reads set in locations around the globe and will include teen reads as well as adult reads. This genre is one of my favourites and every chance I get, I read a book that will take me around the world where I can immerse myself in that culture and learn as much as I can.  

I hope you all enjoy my selection of titles this month!! Please feel free to comment on any and also let me know of places in the world you have visited.

Enjoy your reading!

Miss Mahee

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