A short poem of mine

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My personal work

Hi everyone, this week I will be featuring a short poem of mine from a few years back when I was visiting Sri Lanka and we were stuck inside while a huge monsoon downpour drenched my aunt’s garden. The monsoon rains in that part of the world are quite different from the thunderstorms we get here in New Zealand. This small poem was written while contemplating the difference between the two. Hope you enjoy it!!

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A birthday wish for my sister

Hi everyone, this week my younger sister celebrates a significant birthday. She ends life as a thirty-something woman and enters into her fourth decade of life!! So to present her with a gift that will be around for some time, I will be dedicating this little space on my blog this week for her!!

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My own immigration story

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Hi friends, this week’s post is my family’s own immigration story. I know I’ve mentioned some parts of our story before, but this post will give you an in-depth account of our move across the globe to the bottom of the world!! Why not grab yourself something to drink and settle in for a read then?

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My thoughts on grief and loss

Hi everyone, this week’s post will be a personal story from chapters in my life where I have had to deal with grief, loss, and learn to live again. I hope you read this with an open mind as I don’t think of myself as someone who’s had to struggle much but has enough life experience to have learned this lesson quite young.

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Growing up a Buddhist abroad

Hi everyone, I thought I’d take this month to fill you all in about my faith: Buddhism. It sort of ties in with kindness and compassion; so I’m going to try my best to describe how I grew up as one in the 1980’s and 90’s in another country, and how I continue to practise it everyday…

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My Sri Lankan culture and heritage

Hi everyone, I hope you’re enjoying the diverse reads I’ve selected for you this month. I must say that compiling the lists and reviews this month has been an exhilarating experience. In this extra post I hope to give you a glimpse into my own Sri Lankan culture and heritage.  

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