Welcome to 2020

A new decade begins…

Welcome everyone to this new year and new decade!! They say that a new decade brings things into perspective; for me, it’s actually happened. As of a few weeks ago I changed my address for the second time in twelve months!! This new place makes my commute to work a bit longer but sometimes it’s worth it. I get to wake up to some amazing views and fresh crisp air that only trees in a forest gives! 

dark green trees and green fields blue sky with small clouds
Trees and green everywhere

This month I thought I’d feature reads that have a science fiction feel to them. I’m not the world’s biggest fan when it comes to reading this genre, but some elements of these selected reads this month were hard to ignore. They captured me in ways that were out of this world!! I hope you enjoy the tween reads I have put together this month!! Also, if anyone has suggestions for similar reads, I would welcome the opportunity to learn about them.

Miss Mahee

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