A supernatural infused SciFi series

Hi and welcome to January’s first review post!! I thought I’d start this month with a series of books I had read some time ago. These stories had me gripped from the beginning and rekindled my interest in Science Fiction as a genre. Not that it had died away, just gone into hibernation for a decade or two. So if you enjoy, blended tales of fantasy and sci fi, read on.

6 covers animal shapes on each cover wolf hawk horse in different colours blue purple yellow orange and green
An engaging selection of reads

Shapeshifter series

Titles: Finding the fox, Running the risk, Going to ground, Dowsing the dead, Stirring the storm, Feather and Fang

Author: Ali Sparkes

Genre: Fiction – SciFi/Fantasy

Publication details: Oxford University Press; 2006 – 2008 , 2016

What this series of books are about: This engaging series of books starts off with young Dax Jones – an ordinary schoolboy who suddenly changes into a fox. The stories that follow  describe Dax’s adventures as he meets others like him, makes friends and faces danger at every twist and turn.  

My review: Ali Sparkes’ Shapeshifter series starts off an engaging series featuring an unusual hero in Dax Jones. His unusual ability to shape-shift into animals and still retain his human self was an aspect I especially enjoyed in this series. The additional characters we meet in Gideon, his telekinetic best friend, psychic Lisa and Mia the healer, bring colourful layers into the stories. Fast-paced and action-packed, this series will please fans of adventure readers too. I won’t be giving too much away in this review but I must say this: you need to have read at least the first five to understand the next set of books!! An awesome series of books!!

My rating: 5 ⭐

Unleashed by Ali Sparkes in pink background on top left nest A life and death job red background boy jumping underneath green cover Speak evil ring with radio waves inside bottom left yellow cover The Burning beach hawk and two serpents above blue cover with red cover next to it symbols of atom in blue and coiled heart in other
An engaging series of books

Unleashed series

Title: A life and death job, Mind over matter, Trick or treat, Speak evil, The Burning Beach

Author: Ali Sparkes

Genre: Fiction – SciFi/Fantasy

Publication details: Oxford University Press; Oxford; 2011 – 2014

What this series of books are about: The continuing story of Dax Jones and his friends. Time has passed and this special group of teenagers must learn how to use their abilities as they live together, protected from those who wish to harm them. Each book in this new series features either one or two of the group, and take us along with them as they are allowed out into the world for one week. Although the instructions are to not use their powers, the changing circumstances around them prove otherwise. Ali Sparkes brings another set of fast-paced adventure stories in the Unleashed series!!

My review: What an adrenaline rush these reads were!! I literally felt as if I was there with them in each one!! The great thing I liked about these reads were that each one featured the other COLA’s with Dax in a supporting role instead!! So, essentially, each title in this series is about the other kids. We get to learn of their unique personalities and the courage they have to face obstacles in their own path!! Ali Sparkes has delivered yet again ad left more to the imagination. I really have fallen in love with her vibrant style of writing and look forward to other stories she writes!! An awesome ending to another awesome series!!

My rating: 5 ⭐

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