Welcome to April 2020

Hi everyone, welcome to April!! I’m now definitely feeling the colder nights as the days become shorter down here in New Zealand. This month’s review posts are a random selection of titles I had read some time ago. I hope you like surprises, because this month’s reads have a few in store for you!!

I also wanted to make a short notice here about the global news that affects us all these days. I’m talking about the Coronavirus that has even made landfall here in New Zealand with a few hundred confirmed cases. New Zealand has now been in lockdown for almost a week. Our family has begun practising social distancing especially since my father’s health scare last year. The one thing he misses is playing with his grandkids and shopping!! Keeping him a good two meters away from them is a challenge to us all. Being the librarian that I am, all I can offer my followers in these times is the same advice my bosses and doctor have given me; wash your hands frequently, stay hydrated, keep a healthy diet and lifestyle!! And most importantly, stay home and read some books!!

One of the reasons I’ve selected the titles for this month is because I intend to use the free time I get in between to do some brainstorming for themes later on this year!! So, watch this space for some new and quirky themed months!! I also plan on doing some extensive research on how to make this blog work a bit better!! So, if you see any changes coming your way sometime soon, don’t be alarmed!! 

As always, I welcome any feedback or comments you have on my posts and further titles for my library of reads!!

Enjoy your reading this month and stay safe!!

Miss Mahee

Quote across middle Keep going. Everything you need will come to you at a perfect time. behind sunset over road. trees and grass on either side. orange glowing clouds in sky.
Some inspiration…

2 thoughts on “Welcome to April 2020

  1. We North Americans are still in March for a little over 6 hours, so I was confused for a second there… Glad to hear you are well, and can’t wait to join you in a new month since March feels like it’s been a year long! 😉


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